Chairman’s Report – Financial year April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019


Chairman’s Report – Financial year April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019

THE year 2018-2019 was very successful from a financial point of view, producing a trading profit of around £11,000, one of the best performances in the history of the halls.

Total revenue exceeded £45,000, slightly up on the previous year, but costs were reduced by about £6,000. Bar sales were up by £3,000.

The sum total of this leaves the hall in a very strong financial position with the following cash assets at the end of the financial year:

Current account: £6,841 (2018/19), £15,381 (2017/18)
Bonus savings account (earmarked for solar panels): £65,061 (2018/19), £65,061 (2017/18)
Nationwide Savings account: £5,200 (2018/19), £10,771 (2017/18).
TOTAL: £77,102 (2018/19), £91,213 (2017/18)

During the year we have carried out a number of improvements, including new wood floor in the small hall and new sound-proof doors between the two hall with blinds on all doors. More essential utensils have been purchased for the kitchen and the small hall has been redecorated. New cladding and signage has been provided on the exterior of the hall and the existing wood cladding has been painted to match the front of the building. We have also installed a wire which runs the length of the hall to be able to drape the ceiling for events like wedding receptions.

Much of this work has been carried out by our small maintenance team, ie Stan Williams, John Evans and Alan Stickler who have done a brilliant job. We owe them a great debt of gratitude especially our President, Stan, who still visits the halls most days of the week to keep and eye on things.

The halls continue to be well supported by local organisations and on occasions it is difficult to satisfy the demand.

I would like to thank our caretaker/cleaner Michaela Ellis for her services, especially in attracting new hirers to the halls, and also Irene Cloud who runs our bar operation superbly.

In future we have to look at a refurbishment of our toilets to cope with the volume of users following our new service agreement with Lyme Regis Town Council.

We also need to improve the black-out facilities if we are going to continue to accommodate the local stage organisations. Consideration is also being given to replacing the ugly fencing outside the hall with balustrading, but this is likely to be expensive. The installation of a Hearing Loop is also essential together with upgrading our public address system.

The biggest issue facing the Woodmead Halls is it’s future governance with a small and ageing committee. Discussion with The Charity Commission continue on this matter. I shall be presenting paper on this to the Management Committee early I the New Year.

Despite a lack of volunteers, the Woodmead Halls continues to be one of the best used and most financially stable community halls in this area.

Philip Evans
Chairman of the Woodmead Halls Management Committee


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