Woodmead Halls closed until further notice

Woodmead Halls closed until further notice

IT is with regret that we have been forced to close the Woodmead Halls and public toilets until further notice because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Virtually all of our regular users had already cancelled their activities and as a community centre attended by a lot of elderly people, it was the responsible action to take. We will reassess the situation at the end of April.

We appreciate that some of the groups who use the halls will be hit financially by not being to hold their meetings etc but the halls will do all they can to mitigate any losses.

We can do this in two ways: provide free sessions equivalent to the number they have had to cancel when the halls reopen; and/or reimburse lost profits. Any organisations which would like to take advantage of this offer should contact Philip Evans, the chairman of the Halls Management Committee, on 07796 951996.

It is also our intention to throw of huge free party to celebrate the day when the country is free of the virus for all the users, helpers and supporters.

Whilst the halls are closed we will be getting on with improvement to our facilities which will include black-out blinds for the high windows that run the length of the halls. We are also hoping to replace all our lights with LEDs to save energy and reduce costs and to replace the ugly railings outside the halls with smart balustrades. Full maintenance of our stage lights and projector will also be undertaken.

We will also be installing a sophisticated CCTV system to improve the security at the halls and we are also looking to carry out a complete refurbishment on the main toilets at the halls. Finally, it is our intention to add a projector and screen to the small halls.

These improvements, representing a significant investment, will make the halls and even better venue for events when we reopen again.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe during the next difficult few months and we look forward to welcome you again to the Woodmead Halls – Dorset’s best equipped community centre – in the not too distant future.

Philip Evans MBE
March 21st 2020


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